Alcudia in Majorca

Alcudia’s History

Alcudia is a well restored walled city on the site of a Roman settlement situated on the north east of the island. Originally the location was a Phoenician settlement and was built as a defence against pirates. The Greeks then took over followed by the Romans in around 2AD calling it Pollentia meaning “Power”. The Romans didn’t hold it for long as in 6AD it was sacked by the Vandals. The current name comes from the Moors who rebuilt the city and called it the town on the hill or “al-kudia”. Finally in the 1229 the Spanish claimed the island following the conquest of Mallorca by Jaume I who swiftly installed christian rule.

Alcudia Beaches

Alcudia has a great stretch of beach which starts at the Port d’Alcudia and leads to Can Picafort and beyond. If you’re lucky you might see some spectacular beach sculptures as you stroll along the promenard.

Alcudia Water Park

HidroPark opens every day in the summer season (1 May until 31 October) from 10:30 until 18:00 (high season hours). HidroPark offers a variety of fun attractions for all family such as slides and big pools for all ages. 54 holes Mini golf (access only through the main entrance – but the guests can still enter for playing Mini golf only), Paintball and Giant Floating Water balls, Super Jumper, pedal boats, a 20m long bouncy castle, Kids Zone and Relax Zone. Due to health reasons it is no longer allowed to bring food and beverage into the park. HidroPark has water taps with drinkable water free of charge, their restaurants and bars offers food and beverage at reasonable prices. For more information visit Hydropark.

Alcudia Bars & Nightlife in Alcudia

Whilst it might not be on the scale of Magaluf or Palma Nova, Alcudia’s nightlife can hold it’s own! There are plenty of bars in Alcudia dotted throughout the resort and some, such as the Cheers Bar in Alcudia, open into the early hours of the morning. There are some beach bars too.

Alcudia Golf Courses

The closest course to Alcudia is Club de Golf Alcanada. An 18 hole course situated on the peninsula to the right of Alcudia. A 6000+ yard course open all year round. There are a number of other great golf courses on Majorca.

If you’re looking for something a little less taxing then there’s Supergolf situated next door to Hydropark – fun for all ages.

Alcudia Hotels

As mentioned above Alcudia has a great stretch of beach looking out over the Badia d’Alcudia. Along this stretch there are numerous hotels and apartment complexes – a perfect location for those looking for a great Majorca beach holiday.

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