Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

The edge of Africa begins at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

The SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment group, which includes dynamic amusement and theme parks like Tampa Busch Gardens, Aquatica, Discovery Cove and SeaWorld Florida, are more than just sensational roller coaster rides combined with animal acts… their goal is to get visitors inspired to help protect the animals they encounter and get involved in wildlife conservation.

Visit Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida and experience regions of Africa, like Timbuktu, Nairobi, Egypt and Stanleyville. More than 2,700 animals call this themepark home and abide in safari-style exhibits that are modeled after areas in the dark continent. Exhibits include The Serengeti Plain, Myobi Reserve and the Edge of Africa.

When you are looking for fun things to do in central Florida, do not leave this top-rated family vacation destination off of your list!

Rides at Busch Gardens

With more than 10 premier theme park rides, this zoological park is not only an animal lover’s paradise but a thrill-rider’s paradise too!

Cool off on the Congo River Rapids. It’s a wild white water rafting expedition that is guaranteed to get you wet. and take some of the heat out of the day.

The Montu is named after the Egyptian god of war, Monthu. It has seven inversions and debuted in 1996 as one the longest, fastest roller coaster in the world! The Montu roller coaster travels at speeds up to 60 mph and pulls almost 4 Gs. Buckle up.

Do you hear a lion roaring in the distance? Native Africans call that powerful roar the Kumba. Hold on tight, the Kumba is going to throw you into the Cobra Roll (two wicked inversions that go over the Congo River Rapids bridge), two corkscrews and a Zero-G roll.

Love water rides? The Tanganyika Wave plunges 55 ft and seriously drenches everyone in close range.

The Scorpion Roller Coaster at is a classic steel roller coaster built in 1980. It’s the most popular ride in the Timbuktu section of the park.

Do you appreciate the wild ride of a classic wooden roller coaster? Be sure to check out the Gwazi, a dueling wooden roller coaster is still one of the largest of its kind. Named for a mythological creature with the head of a tiger and the body of a lion, the two coasters that run at the same time are appropriately named the Lion and Tiger.

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