The Legendary Ibiza – A Clubber’s Paradise

The Mediterranean island of Ibiza was taken over by club owners and DJs in the early 70’s, and has remained a partier’s Mecca ever since. Near both Valencia and Barcelona, this small Spanish island in the Balearic archipelago has the largest clubs, the longest parties, and the most tripped out techno lovers in one place that most people will ever see (except perhaps Berlin’s annual Love Parade). Many backpackers consider Ibiza to be a rite of passage when passing through northern Spain.

Unfortunately, most will tell you that Ibiza’s best days are behind it. Because the island has become so commercialized and well-known, the hippest set have moved on to other global party hotspots. Ibiza still draws plenty of outgoing partiers and travelers, but no longer maintains its cutting-edge trendy reputation of the past.

Dance Clubs

The seven major clubs of Ibiza are famous, huge, and expensive. For 25-60 euros, you can stay in one of these 10,000 person mega-clubs all afternoon, night and morning, basking in extreme wattage, floating in a swimming pool, wading through foam, or enjoying the Mediterranean air on an outdoor balcony. The parties are epoch in proportion and serve a new batch of vacationers each night.

Scattered among the seven monstrous clubs are a multitude of smaller clubs and bars that cater to every interest and demographic imaginable. Most first-timers target the big attractions, but Ibiza veterans happily branch out to the smaller clubs and never end up at a big one without first hitting a pre-club bar nearby. In short, the nightlife of Ibiza has also taken over the daytime. Your options are limitless and the parties never stop.

Beyond Clubs and Bars

Outside of Ibiza’s famous clubs, the island provides an ideal setting to recover from a long night of dancing. The beaches and town are pleasant and filled with friendly people and a vibe of partier’s camaraderie.

Ibiza also gives easy access to the other Balearic Islands. Majorca (or Mallorca), the largest island in the chain, draws an older, more traditional crowd and will fulfill any cravings for good food, quiet beaches, and high-end shopping that might befall you after a long night of dancing on Ibiza.

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