SeaWorld Florida

SeaWorld started as an idea to build an ocean-themed restaurant in the California area that would not only serve food, but would be dedicated to education, research and wildlife conservation.

The idea evolved and the first SeaWorld theme park opened in San Diego in 1964 with SeaWorld Florida opening 9 years later.

Offering a glimpse into a world that might otherwise never be seen, the up close and personal experiences that millions of visitors experience at the marine parks like SeaWorld Florida have increased public awareness and environmental activism.

In 2010, almost 6 million visitors were entertained and educated with a variety of thrill rides, animal exhibits and shows featuring a variety of animals. Be sure to visit Stingray Lagoon and Dolphin Cove where you will have a chance to pet and feed the animals!

SeaWorld Florida is one of my favorite theme parks in Orlando Florida (although I do have to confess that I love ALL amusement and theme parks in general.) This park has it all:

  • Imaginative shows starring some of the worlds most talented mammals!
  • Awesome roller coaster thrill rides.
  • Amazing aquariums and animal exhibits.
  • Special Events showcasing Shamu after Dark, SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular Event and SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.
  • Exclusive Dining options including world class Sharks Underwater Grill.
  • VIP and Family Fun Tours.
  • Adventure Camps and Career Camps.
  • Comprehensive conservation efforts and breeding programs.
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